Caroline Harper

Caroline Harper
CHI design Studio

Columbia, SC

CHI Design Studio is an indigo arts studio founded by Caroline Harper, textile designer and natural dyer. Launched in the fall of 2014, the studio represents Caroline’s passion for creating useable, wearable art. Caroline’s work honors ancient natural dyeing traditions and celebrates the revival of indigo production in South Carolina.

Caroline works with cloth woven from natural fibers (cotton, linen, silk) and natural indigo dye to create authentic, hand-dyed clothing, pillows, and table linens. A French native, Caroline’s expressive use of color and pattern follows the Japanese shibori tradition in which she was trained and block printing. Each piece she creates has it’s own soul as the fabric absorbs the dye according to a set pattern.

Caroline shares her passion for indigo, shibori and other dyes from nature by hosting workshops for various levels of interest and skill. Her intention is to inspire you to bring the beauty of natural artisan goods into your hands, and into your life.