Fred Prudhomme

Mt. Pleasant, SC

Fred studied Ceramic Arts at the University of Idaho, followed by a studio residency at the Archie Bray Foundation.  At The Bray, surrounded by a diverse and talented group, he began to develop as an artist.  Pottery became a hobby while he pursued a career in business, but he has since been able to return to it fulltime.

Fred’s work is primarily functional pottery in stoneware, both mid-range and high-fire clay bodies, kiln fired in both reduction and oxidation environments.  He favors wheel-thrown pots, but does like to make the occasional hand-built piece, for the freedom it provides.

Form and function are two separate, distinct elements in Fred’s pottery.  While function often dictates elements of the form, he feels that there is a wide latitude to be explored.  He favors warm, softer colors, crisp lines, and vessels which feel good in your hands and look beautiful in your home.