Keller Lee

North Charleston
Keller Lee of Warm Glass by Keller creates decorative and functional fused glass art. The strong bold colors of his glass pieces are warm, whimsical and pop with their own personality. Each piece is hand cut and then kiln fired.
Often referred to as “warm glass,” glass fusion is one of the oldest forms of glass making. Torches and kilns are used to make the glass soft and molten. Hand cut, broken, pulled, and ground pieces of glass are used with each glass fusion project. These pieces of glass are then designed in a layered manner on the kiln shelf. The ìwarmî of warm glass is between 1,100 and 1,500 degrees. Through a series of firings a new single seamless piece of glass is formed and finally slumped into its final shape.

Encaustic Work

Encaustic is a mixed medium using bee’s wax to paint and layer, such as pigments, photography, fabric and found objects, to create a work of art.  The encaustic technique is ancient, dating back to the Greeks. The Greek meaning of encaustic is to heat or burn in.  Heat is used throughout the process to melt the bee’s wax and to fuse the layers of wax.

Keller uses his own photography to make these works, either shots he has taken himself or vintage photographs passed down through his family.  The combination of of all the layers in each of his pieces allows him to tell a story.

Encaustic paintings are durable and archival, due in great part to the fact that beeswax is impervious to moisture.  As with all art forms, encaustic paintings should not be exposed to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.  Encaustic paintings can be buffed to a high gloss using a soft, lint free cloth.  This sheen dulls over time and can be brought back by repeating the buffing process.