Mayako Blackburn

Charleston, SC

Mayako handcrafts functional and decorative pottery pieces, including a collection of ceramic sea urchin vessels, for use as functional lamps and planters and holders of air plants. This collection is produced from high fire clay thrown on a potter’s wheel. Each detail is hand built, piece by piece and dipped in her own high fire white glaze.

Mayako grew up in Northern Japan with a very talented and creative mother and grandparents. Her grandfather owned and operated a textile factory producing clothing that was sold throughout Japan. From an early age, Mayako sewed and designed with her family. She has been an artist ever since; painting, sewing, woodworking and creating ceramics. Her studio is in her home in Charleston, which is surrounded by Live Oak trees in a beautiful plantation setting. Her love for nature, including the natural beauty of the ocean, inspires her passion to create unique and contemporary ceramics.