Mikiko Kory

Charleston, SC

Mikiko moved from Japan to the United States in 2002 as a teacher. When one of her students offered to trade leather working lessons for Japanese Language classes, she agreed and began her journey into leather design. After several years of study and practice, Mikiko gave up teaching to pursue her leather work full time. Since moving to Charleston in 2016, she crafts her pieces in a small workshop; designing and hand constructing all of her leather goods. She designs her pieces without the aid of computer software, and constructs them from both aniline-dyed leather and vegetable-tanned leather. Mikiko hand dyes the vegetable-tanned leather using both alcohol and acrylic dyes. Her pieces are designed for functionality as well artistic beauty. Mikiko feels that she combines the best features of traditional Japanese aesthetic design with American artistic innovation to produce works in leather that are both beautiful and long-lasting.