Valerie Lamott

Columbia, SC

Valerie has been fascinated by rocks since she was young and now takes what the Earth has created and cuts and polishes them into wearable works of art.  Originally from the midwest, Valerie learned traditional metal smithing by taking classes in the evenings after work as a Quality Engineer, and fell in love with the process.  She’s been a full time jeweler since moving to South Carolina in 2013.

She creates intricate fine and sterling silver jewelry using both traditional metal smithing and lapidary techniques.  Her filigree wire is all twisted by hand, and each tiny piece is carefully put into place, then soldered using a torch.  When the piece involves stones, she starts with rough rocks, and cuts and polishes them into a usable cabochon.  The final piece is designed around the stone, and created at the bench with  hammers, files, saws and torches.