Vicky Seixas


Isle of Palms, SC

Vicky works primarily in silver, bronze and copper metal clays as well as polymer clay. Metal clay is a relatively new material in which a small amount of organic binder is added to powdered metal. When fired in a kiln at high temperature the binder and water burn away, leaving pure metal.  In the clay state it can be sculpted, molded, carved, and impressed with texture. Certain gemstones can also be embedded in the wet clay and fired in place. Metal clay dries quickly and is brittle before firing so the artist must work rapidly and skillfully. Often, components of a piece are made separately, dried and joined together with slip. It is magical to see the transformation when fired pieces are removed from the kiln!


Vicky trained as a painter and spent many years as a psychiatric social worker but has been a closet jeweler all along! She is thrilled to be spending more of her time working on her jewelry. She is a certified metal clay artisan and is available to teach metal clay workshops.