Brick & Mortar, Online & Social Media-The Pathway to Success

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In 1989 when Charleston Crafts opened it’s doors in a garage, the internet was in its infancy and called ‘the world wide web’. Jump ahead 30 years and the web has morphed into an online marketplace and Charleston Crafts Gallery has transitioned to a location in the heart of the historic market district with a rapidly growing Charleston Crafts Online Shop

Supporting the success of Charleston Crafts and the Charleston Crafts Online Store is the Charleston Crafts Facebook page. Frequent posts highlight gallery displays, items in the online store and the talented members of the Charleston Craft Co-Op. 

Charleston Crafts Instagram site is a virtual visit to the gallery, focusing on individual artists and their work and keeping our customers from around the world informed. One December post focused on the USA Today article naming Charleston Crafts as one of the TOP 10 Co-Ops in the country. 

All of the items featured in the slideshow are available for sale in the Charleston Crafts Online Store.