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Creativity Without Limitation

Posted by on May 17, 2019 in Artists & Their Work, Selma Andrews | Comments Off on Creativity Without Limitation

When an injury limited Selma Andrews’ work in fiber, she shifted to polymer clay and continued her artistic career. Her bold polymer clay designs move in several directions…the ancient glass blowing technique of cane building and free form sculptural construction.  Selma’s work is also available in the Charleston Craft Online Store. How long have you been a member of Charleston Crafts Co-Op. I have been a member of Charleston Crafts for about 14 years.  I can remember doing a craft show and being asked if I would like to join the co-operative.  We...

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Flat + Folded = Work of Art

Posted by on Mar 7, 2019 in Artists & Their Work, Regina Semko | Comments Off on Flat + Folded = Work of Art

As Charleston Crafts celebrates it’s 30th year, we focus on one of the founding artists, Regina Ann Semko. Today, Regina works primarily in origami, but in the following interview, she describes how her artistic background followed many paths, moving to origami when her studio space was confined to the kitchen table.  Regina’s work is also available in the Charleston Craft Online Store.  Many artists have been ‘makers’ all of their lives. Have you always been creative and what mediums did you explore before moving to origami?  I have always been an...

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Form vs. Function

Posted by on Feb 6, 2019 in Artists & Their Work, Ed Bryan | Comments Off on Form vs. Function

Ed Bryan’s stoneware reflects a split personality…functional and decorative. Hemp wrapped handles and aged copper accents edge the pieces toward decorative. Vessels for carrying water, serving platters and hanging bird houses focus on the utilitarian aspect. Influenced by traditional Japanese pottery, much of  his work focuses on simple shapes and muted colors. Occasionally, there is a bit of whimsy, as seen in the featured Toby Jug.  You can find more of Ed Bryan’s work in Charleston Crafts Online Store.  [Show...

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Life and Design…A Journey

Posted by on Jan 5, 2019 in Artists & Their Work, Janice Cramer | Comments Off on Life and Design…A Journey

Among the many talented artists belonging to the Charleston Crafts Co-Op is Metalsmith and Lapidary, Janice Cramer.  Janice compares the design process to life’s experiences. It is all about the journey. “The process of cutting rough rock, polishing, finishing and making something beautiful reminds me that our lives are not only refined by our trials, but made richer for them.” Like most artists, Janice finds inspiration in the materials.  She uses sterling silver, fine silver and 14k gold filled metals. She selects quality stones with color and character...

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Posted by on Dec 4, 2018 in Artists & Their Work, Keller Lee | Comments Off on Pattern-Shape-Line

  Fused Glass-Charleston Crafts Online Glass artist, Keller Lee, has always been fascinated by the world around him. His work is informed by the line of a building, the pattern in a quilt or a shape found in nature. Living and working in the historic district of Charleston provides Keller with a myriad of design inspiration. The vivid colors of glass, allow him to create functional items, often with a pop of whimsy! His bow tie designs are an example of form-following function-following FUN!!!  You will find many of Keller’s fused glass pieces in the Charleston Crafts...

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Charleston Crafts ~ Our Stories

Posted by on Nov 26, 2018 in Artists & Their Work | Comments Off on Charleston Crafts ~ Our Stories

Charleston Crafts Online From our humble beginnings in a garage on Calhoun Street to our present gallery in the historic district at 161 Church Street, Charleston Crafts has always focused on artists from South Carolina and their work.  Starting in December, the Charleston Crafts Blog will continue this tradition and highlight an artist and their designs. In addition, we we look behind the curtain to see how they approach their craft and what  informs their...

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