Interview in the First Person

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The January Blog starts the year on a rather strange track. The blogger is also the subject of the interview. 

Early in my polymer career, I realized my experiments with the medium were worth sharing, but my skills as a teacher were sorely lacking. So, I polished my writing skills and submitted an article to the premier polymer magazine of the day…Polymer Cafe. Much to my amazement, the article was accepted and my work appeared on the cover.  

Over the next 12 years the experiments continued and numerous articles were published. The photograph at left is from the current issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry (Winter). The photographs below are two additional covers featuring a bracelet of contrasting shapes and faux bone bangles. All photographs are credited to the amazing photographers at Belle Armoire Jewelry.

Many of the designs featured in the blog post are available in the Charleston Crafts Gallery or the Charleston Crafts Online Shop