Join the Coop

Want to become a member of the Charleston Crafts Coop?

Charleston Crafts accepts members by a jury process. We schedule juries to consider new members between 4-6 times a year.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please download and read the membership info packet. It should answer most of your questions. Then fill out the membership application form and return it to:

Charleston Crafts
Attn: Membership Chair
161 Church Street
Charleston, SC 29401

Once we have received your application, we will notify you of a jury date and when to bring in your work to the gallery. We jury by examining actual work. We want to see 5 pieces per media, per application.  If your work spans a wide price range, we encourage you to include items that reflect the range of items you plan to display.

Tips to have a good jury experience:

Bring in 5 pieces per media. These pieces should display your best technical and artistic skill and also represent a cohesive body of work. Don’t try to include every kind of thing you make.

If you have questions on what to bring in, contact the membership chairperson directly. In general, we would consider items that require different skill sets to be different media. For example wood turning and wood joinery are different enough that we would want to consider them separately. Jewelry is always considered a separate medium, even if it is an extension of other work.

We’re looking for crafters who have achieved a level of artistic vision that moves them beyond the amature/hobby craft stage. The contribution and vision of the artist should be clear and prominent in the work. For example, jewelry should not consist only of assembled purchased materials, but should include original creations in beadmaking, fiberworking, metalworking, etc where this work provides the artistic focus of the piece. Use of commercial kits or patterns is not acceptable.

Items should be professionally finished and in ready-to-sell condition. You may want to include informational materials for customers and merchandise tags in your jury package.

We’re looking for people who will be enthusiastic members of our cooperative. Be sure you read all the information in the membership information packet and application form carefully so that you understand what will be expected of you if you become a member. The cooperative works well only when we all work together.