Life and Design…A Journey

Posted by on Jan 5, 2019 in Artists & Their Work, Janice Cramer | Comments Off on Life and Design…A Journey

Among the many talented artists belonging to the Charleston Crafts Co-Op is Metalsmith and Lapidary, Janice Cramer.  Janice compares the design process to life’s experiences. It is all about the journey. “The process of cutting rough rock, polishing, finishing and making something beautiful reminds me that our lives are not only refined by our trials, but made richer for them.”

Like most artists, Janice finds inspiration in the materials.  She uses sterling silver, fine silver and 14k gold filled metals. She selects quality stones with color and character to delight and inspire. When working on a custom order, her customers select the raw stone, as in this beautiful turtleback patterned Larimar, and the stone guides her to the finished piece. 

You can find more of Janice’s designs in the gallery below and her Charleston Crafts Gallery.